Grandview cafe history

It is no secret that Grandview Cafe has been a walkable getaway for residents since the 1925. From the restaurant’s inception during the prohibition to the jazzy days of the 50s and 60s, the changing fare from Greek to comfort, the vibe has been unique to the times but the message of community has remained consistent.

We highlight and celebrate the history that lives on in the display of vintage artifacts from the wood washed floors, the sturdy leather suitcases lining the bar, the wallpaper exposing years of change, the storied reflection in the mirrors, and the ceiling beautifully lit by a chandelier over a century old.  

As the doors reopen on May 18th, new tastes, sounds, and sites will awaken your sense of happiness. Yet, pause before you sink your teeth into our tempting food and drink menu, to explore the detail behind the design and rediscover relics from the Café’s past that fill this steadfast haunt with decades of tradition. 

Whether you are new to town or yourself an old staple, the legacy of Grandview Café is defined by the adaptability of the space and the consistency of our greater Community. So, grab a drink, climb the original iron-railed staircase, past the comfy booths and colorful collage wall to the upstairs for a scenic view and a taste of classic fare. 


Nod to our owners pasts include: 

  • Dean P. Close
  • Peter Drevonas
  • David and Richard Dick
  • Gaughen and Bob Kline
  • Bill Cosgrove and Brett Holland